My name is Xin-Xin.

I was born in a panda sanctuary.

There were many pandas around, but no one wanted to play with me. They all preferred to be left alone and just ate bamboo all day.

They said I was weird and annoying.

But I just wanted to be their friend...

I was never allowed to leave the sanctuary. The older pandas said the outside world was dangerous.

Every night, I looked up at the beautiful stars and wondered about the world beyond the sanctuary.

One night, I had a strange dream.

The sun was shining brightly. I was onboard a train.

There were animals all around me who looked different. But they were all my friends!

What a wonderful dream...

...Until I was suddenly awoken by a cry for help in the distance!

I’d never left the sanctuary before, but I couldn't ignore someone in distress.

With some strength and determination, I escaped the sanctuary while the other pandas were snoring away.

Honestly, it was easier than expected- I guess it was my own limiting beliefs that kept me from trying to go out before.

I ran towards the source of the cries. It was a bird tangled in an animal trap! He was crying and said something about The Spell being a source of animal traps.

He was afraid of me when I approached. But I reassured him I was here to help.

With some effort and concentration,

I finally managed to untangle the bird from the trap!

He was really grateful.

He told me his name was Bill, and he was a hornbill from the Savanna.

Bill told me all about life in the Savanna, and it was just like the dream I had!

The Savanna was a beautiful, peaceful place- until The Spell happened.

A mysterious entity called

Hoomoo Sapions cast The Spell over the Savanna, causing havoc and destruction.

Animals affected by The Spell would

go rogue, attack other animals and destroy the environment.

Bill said he had a dream. He was told to venture into the forest, to seek a courageous explorer who would save the Savanna.

Some brave challengers would have to go up against the affected animals them to wake them up from the spell. I knew what I had to do.

I decided to follow my heart.

And here I am, taking my first step into my journey in the Savanna.

I hope you’ll join me in SavannaSurvival too!