An Edutainment
    Game Experience

    Set to inspire gamers on wildlife & Web 3.0 Adoption

    Learn about the natural world while exploring the many biomes of SavannaSurvival and simply contribute to conservation, wildlife and web3.0 by being a part of our community.

    Join The Mission
    To Save Savanna

    - An inclusive Auto Battling Game that leads everyone to discover exciting new landscapes in SavannaSurvival
    - Meet over 100+ unique animal companions.
    - Gather resources to build personalized habitats on your very own plot of land.
    - Get equipped with collectible tokens to give your team a unique edge as you face off against bosses and other players!

    Explore, Build, Learn & Meet New Friends
    with SavannaSurvival


    Meet Xin-Xin and join mission on his journey to explore and protect the native wildlife of SavannaSurvival.


    Compete against other players (PVP) to earn valuable resources for your Sanctuary!


    Form Tribes with your friends and enjoy mini-games: trivia, quizzed, puzzles, and other hyper-casual games to be number one on the leaderboard.


    • Variety of maps in gameplay
    • Breeding Mechanism
    • Over 100+ Animals
    • Manage your Sanctuary
    • In-Game Accessories
    • Animals Special Abilities

      Education meets

      Having fun while learning about wildlife is a win-win!

      - In-game Fun Facts about animals & nature
      - Enjoy with extension game like Trivia, Quizzes, and other hyper-casual games in SavannaSurvival



      • Q1. 2022
        • Community launch
        • Website Live
        • Whitepaper
        • Private Round Starts
      • Q2. 2022
        • Genesis Collection
        • Full Website
      • Q3. 2022
        • Alpha & Beta Tests
        • Collectible Launch
      • Q4. 2022
        • Seed Round
        • Full Website Launch
        • Playable Game Demo
        • Soft Launch Event
      • Q1. 2023
        • IDO / IGO
        • Public Sale
        • Game Launch
        • Marketplace Launch
        • In-Game NFTs
        • Promotion Collectible
        • Collab Campaign
        • Live Operations


        **Our team is actively seeking feedback from tokenomics specialists, thus this table may be revised in the future.



        • BM ROJANAROWAN CanVerse, CEO
        • JAMES KOO CanVerse, CTO
        • JEFFREY TAN CanVerse, CFO
        • JACK Lead Game Developer
        • Alwyn Lee Game Producer
        • CORNELIUS WONG Blockchain Lead


          • BERNARD OH
          • ROLAND ONG
            Ryu Ho Game Storywriter
            Genie Ruan Lead Game Designer
            Arch Jeamsirikarn Art Director
            Boss Hongjindakes Visual Director
            Tanon Pattanothai Design Manager
            Sharan Nair Marketing & Content
            Ploy Jindanalinee Mar-comm Planner
            Earth O-Chongpian Visualiser - Marketing
            PUNPUN Supadirekkul Visualiser - Marketing

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